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Content is still king

No matter what your business is, for your brand to truly succeed, it needs to establish a solid reputation and be distinct from competitors. For the vast majority of brands today, your client’s first impression of your business will be online.  All the old brick and mortar marketing techniques are no longer that relevant. But how do you establish your brand’s reputation online? If your digital platforms are scarce and outdated, clients will assume your business is too. How can you solve this? Content.  

Get Noticed

Content is what establishes your brand’s reputation. In the digital world, content is king. Images, videos, blogs, articles, social media content,  e-books, online courses, infographics, designs,  free digital resources, and podcasts are a few types of popular digital content. 

The thing is, if you are busy running a business full-time, it’s unlikely you have the time to be creating, editing, scheduling, following up, and reviewing all your brand’s content. Content creation can be confusing if you haven’t done it before, and a lack of strategy can render all your work pointless. That’s where Alkali Media comes in.

Our Process

1. Consultation

Everybody has different content needs. We will work with you to establish the type of campaign that best suits your business goals. We will decide which social media platforms to use and if the content will be created in-house or by us.

2. Design & branding

We can work with your existing branding, or work with you to create a digital identity for your brand. We will make your social media channels look engaging, and consistent by designing eye-catching templates. 

3. Content creation

We will create the agreed content (such as articles, social media posts, videos). We can create bespoke content for you based on our own research, or use what you provide us. The content will be designed to attract interaction on your channels and increase your following. 

4. Content deployment

Based on the agreed schedule, our team will make regular posts on your website or social media channels. Some clients like to check each post before it goes live, others will leave us to it. 
Up to you! 

5. Reporting & measuring

We will keep a close eye on engagement, search engine traffic and other metrics, adjusting the campaign on the fly.  We also carry out regular audits to ensure the content doing what it is supposed to do (increasing your online visibility, sales and so on). 

Recent work

Check out our  latest content-creation projects.

Branded content

Engaging writing

Powerful, measurable results

Recent Projects

Vagabond Temple

We manage the social media campaign, delivering continuous on-brand, on-message posts to promote the client’s online and offline services. We wrote a library of articles, to demonstrate the client’s knowledge, engage visitors, attract search engine traffic and encourage social media shares. 

Neter Vital

We manage the social media campains for this health shop and their new healing centre. Regular, branded posts are used to attract new visitors and engage existing customers. We wrote a library of articles, educating customers about the various products and their benefits based on scientific studies.

Saravoan Hotel

We wrote the website copy that shared the clients’ passion for the local area and promoted the unique benefits of the hotel. We manage the social media campaign which involves regular, branded posts to highlight special offers, hotel features, and guests having a great time. We also produced videos for the website and social media.  

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