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Words are such powerful things.

They can change people’s emotions, affect their decision making and even transport them into new worlds. What can be more magical than this? It is no coincidence that we “spell” words. In this age of information, their power is enhanced by their ability to instantly travel all over the world. So we must choose the right ones.

Holistic healers and wellness practitioners tend to have a wealth of knowledge they have built up from their studies and practical experience. The challenge is getting this knowledge out there, both to educate people and show potential customers that you know what you are talking about.

Our unique copywriting service can meet this challenge, by transforming your knowledge into easy-to-understand articles and resources. This will attract new visitors to your site via the search engines

Our services

Expertly Crafted Engaging Copy

Well Researched, Unique Articles

Converting Product Descriptions & Promotional Copy

Search Engine Optimised

Many companies will offer junk articles with the sole purpose of attracting search engine visitors. We will never do this: our writing will reflect your unique voice and offer real value to your new and prospective customers.

We will get to know you and your business, your story and why you are passionate about what you do. This will allow us to convey exactly what it is that makes you unique.



Vagabond Temple

We created a library of articles about Yoga, spirituality, philosophy and nutrition

Neter Vital

We research and write about ancient and modern perspectives of healing herbs.

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