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Helping you find the people who need you.

Digital marketing does not have to be a dark art. It can really be thought of as a means of communication: getting the word out there about who you are and what you offer.  It is your passion and purpose that will attract customers, not marketing gimmicks.

We can assist you with email marketing campaigns, newsletters, social media and search engine ads, and engaging press releases. Utilizing Facebook, Instagram and google ads we can create multi-channel marketing campaign for your brand through attention grabbing videos, photographs and well written copy.

You may have noticed a million adverts on social media, promoting all types of weird and wonderful marketing strategies. If these people really knew about marketing, they would be making a fortune selling products rather than trying to sell you their “secrets”. When you are authentic and passionate about your business, underhand marketing tactics are unnecessary.

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We create content that will get your site found

People spend a fortune on Google Ads, often without seeing much in the way of revenue. However, it is still possible to attract large numbers of potential customers from the search engines without having to pay. SEO these days is not about using technical tricks to outrank your competitors, it is about having great content.

We can ensure your site is search-engine friendly and create copy that is engaging, unique and contains exactly what people are searching for. We will use your existing knowledge to build up a library of articles and resources that will not only attract potential customers but show them your level of expertise.

Using tools such as Google Analytics, we can show you how your site is performing and provide suggestions for increasing traffic. Rather than bombarding you with complex statistics, we will keep it simple: focusing on how people found your site, what they do once they arrive and how you are performing in the search engines.


Engaging posts mean happy followers

With all the different social media channels out there and so much competition, it can be overwhelming. Many companies waste a lot of time creating social media channels that are never properly used.

We take a simple approach, using the most popular social media channels to help you to reach out to the people who need your services. We can take over your Instagram and Facebook, creating engaging posts that encourage visitors to interact with your site. The beauty of this type of marketing is that everything can be measured precisely, so we can modify the campaign on the fly to ensure maximum results.

Social media ads can be very expensive if you do not know what you are doing. We have experience creating ad campaigns that convert while keeping your spend to a minimum.