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Words are such powerful things, they can change people’s emotions, affect their decision making and even transport them into new worlds. What can be more magical than this? It is no coincidence that we “spell” words. In this age of information, their power is enhanced by their ability to instantly travel all over the world. So we must choose the right ones.  

For a holistic healer, the writing on your website should convey two things. (a) You know what you are talking about, and (b) you care. These are most likely true, but your visitors need to know it. Consulting a holistic healer is much more than a financial commitment, it involves opening the heart, so a potential customer needs to know they can trust you.

Healers shy away from cunning sales-pitches, with good reason. You are trying to help people not exploit them. But we believe that real marketing is simply making people aware of what you have to offer. If in your heart, you know that there are people out there whose lives would be better as a result of your service, then it makes sense that they know about you. Words are the best way to do this, actually, they are the only way!

If you work in an area where you are led by your heart, it is very difficult to put into words exactly what it is you do and why you do it. This is where we can help. We will listen to you, understand your unique voice, and convey it with clear and engaging writing. Having well-written copy on your site is essential, but to really get your passion and uniqueness across we recommend regular articles on the subjects you are passionate about.

We know that many people will have been financially affected by the current situation, so we are running a promotion that means our written work is much cheaper than usual. Starting at just £100 for three articles / web-pages.  The writing will be based on whatever information you provide us with, and anything you would like us to research.

We have recently written on a diverse range of subjects. Recently we have written a 100 page philosophical and practical manual for a Yoga Teacher Training program, a library of health articles for a holistic wellness store, research and philosophy based articles for a psychotherapist who is too busy with clients to write, a spiritual magazine, and SEO copy for a sound healer’s website.  Whatever your project is, we are sure we can help.

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